4 important things to consider when choosing an Infor Sunsystems partner in Kenya, Uganda, and E. Africa

Infor Sunsystems is the world’s leader in accounting systems worldwide with their headquarters in New York. Being a world leader in accounting and business management systems, Infor relies on experts in ERP systems worldwide to be able to serve businesses and institutions worldwide.

Choosing the right financial management system can be a daunting task but choosing the right implementation partners who will customize the system to your business needs and offer your staff proper training is a much bigger huddle.

1. Support

Infor Sunsystem partners are more than system implementors. They also provide ongoing support including training Sunsystem users, installing updates, and customizing the Sunsystems to a company’s needs. Over the years, we have seen companies around Africa that buy expensive systems but fail to fully utilize them due to a lack of competent support. Some other people are not certified partners but are able to convince companies into buying their unofficial versions of the system. That can put a company at greater risk.

sunsystems partners in Africa
Flaxem is a Gold partner of Infor, the creators of SunSytems

Here at Flaxem Systems, we are the authorized partners of Infor and Infor Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, and the East African region. In fact, we were recently promoted to Gold partners. With an experience of over 20 years in financial and business management systems, you can surely rely on our expertise to understand your business needs and provide the most appropriate solution.

2. Cost

Surely, the cost is a big concern for each and every company. No matter how good a system is, it has to fit within a company’s budget. And it is the role of financial system partners to help companies find solutions for companies that are within their potential. The main aim of a Sunsystems partner is to save you money while improving a company’s productivity and return on investment.

You can always ask the potential partner to provide you with a quote showing their consultancy, implementation, support, customization, and other fees. To get a Sunsytems quote in Kenya or Uganda, fill out this form or contact us directly.

3. Industry expertise

SunSystems is very widely flexible and expansive as it caters to very many niches. For example, Sunsystems caters to all sectors of business training from food packaging, manufacturing, administration, and many other sectors. However, that flexibility and customization can only be utilized to their full potential depending on the implementing partner’s expertise. That essentially means that a good partner should have industry-specific expertise to be able to customize it to your business needs.

4. Expertise

A proficient Sunsystems partner should have good testimonies from their current and former clients. An experienced partner should give you access to their wealth of knowledge which should essentially give you a smooth transition from the old system to Sunsystems and also huge returns on your investment.

On the other hand, an inexperienced partner would be harder to deal with; with delays in implementation, updates, losses, and all sorts of glitches along the way.

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