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Here are some key challenges and goals we help automotive customers meet every day.

Increasing pace of product innovation

Dramatic changes in vehicle technology generate new levels of complexity

Business collaboration

Consolidated platforms and complex EDI requirements complicate collaboration

Complex supply chain networks

Supply chain networks often lack global visibility and end-to-end collaboration capabilities

Industry innovation

Legacy operational processes and a lack of modern technology impede innovation

Offer a unique product and experience

  • PLM with embedded regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis
  • Project management and stage-gating for new product introductions
  • Incoming RFQ evaluation and configuration
    APQP, MMOG, and revision control
  • Embedded release management
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Improve end-to-end business collaboration

  • Global commerce network
  • Upstream and downstream visibility and collaboration
  • EDI and trading partner management
  • Collaboration via Infor Automotive Exchange
  • Robust contract management

Optimize the supply chain

  • S&OP and supply chain planning and optimization
  • Multisite, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Enterprise-wide planning
  • Inventory control for reduced inventory costs
  • Item tracking with item, lot, and Serial 360
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Reduce operational complexity

  • Project, repetitive, job shop, and assembly control in one solution
  • Tool tracking and planning for improved efficiency
  • Shop floor automation and workforce management
  • Detailed quality capabilities for ensuring quality products
  • Optimized utilization and throughput of equipment and assets

Enable digital transformation

  • Last-mile, industry-specific functionality
  • Scalable, secure cloud with extensibility for personalization
  • Multi-tenant deployment in the AWS® cloud or on-premises
  • Full IoT, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics
  • Social collaboration, role-based homepages, and industry-specific KPIs
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