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We power financial services, banking, insurance, and capital markets institutions that are more informed, proactive, and competitive than ever before—and ready to address their most pressing challenges. Here are some key challenges and goals that we help banks and financial institutions meet every day.

Business insights

Both real-time decision and evaluation of growth strategies are difficult and complex

Talent management

Identifying, training and managing the workforce is difficult and often left to individual branch or manager discretion

Operational inefficiencies

Financial, workplace and operational processes are interconnected, but are processed in different systems

Security and compliance

Security breaches and associated compliance concerns put enormous pressure on legacy technology solutions and IT departments

Connect teams and applications for smarter decisions

  • Embedded in-context analytics at the point of decision
  • Personalized self-service with smart AI-generated insights
  • Patented automated data refinement from any data source
  • Meet business objectives based on key service-line metrics
  • Maximize efficiency and margins, while identifying and minimizing cost and risk
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Unify systems with a platform designed to power your enterprise

  • Drive spending and cost reduction with comprehensive source-to-settle solution
  • Increase productivity with continuous accounting with AI and automation
  • Expanded ledger dimensionality improves insights and reporting
  • 100% visibility into cash positions with real real-time intraday liquidity monitoring, real-time payments processing across your banking relationships

Enrich the customer experience

  • Manage and improve customer interactions across all channels with financial services customer engagement software tools.
  • Coordinate sales efforts throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Predictive models form next best action for future decisions
  • Closed-loop analysis enables self-learning system to retain all information for future use
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Select, retain, and develop the right talent

  • Keep critical talent engaged and motivated using behavioral science-infused applications.
  • Automate resume screening and prioritize candidates
  • Eliminate candidate cultural bias evaluation
  • Leverage role-specific predictive models
  • Develop employees through personalized plans, behavioral data insight, and performance management
  • Leverage interactive career planning and retention
  • Promote continuous learning with on-demand learning content

Maintain compliancy and auditability

  • Scalable and secure cloud solution with FedRAMP® authorization
  • Designed to meet ongoing industry security regulations including NIST®, ITAR, and CMMC Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification®
  • Reduce risk and costs associated with disaster recovery, continuous monitoring and mitigation
  • Embedded governance, risk and compliance controls to mitigate segregation of duties (SOD) while identifying fraudulent transactions and suspicious behaviors
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