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Keeping players happy, so they’ll keep coming back, is a big task for casinos and online gambling sites. Their very livelihood depends on it. 

Here are some key challenges and goals that we help casino and gambling customers manage and reach every day.

Player tracking and continuity

Precise insights—right product, right guest, Better communications and guest comfort

Personalized and mobile friendly services

Increased visibility on the go, Contactless processes, Guest self-service tools, Mobile work force - empowered staff

Legacy technology and scalability to maximize on newer Revenue models

Outdated systems impede innovation, Increased transaction speed, Greater capacity to scale globally,

Developing a data driven technology platform for Big data insight/technology

Merging data from different sources across the enterprise, Greater visibility of competition profiles

Create a seamless customer experience

  • Cultivate return visits and profitable, long-term relationships with top players and guests
  • Connect gaming system player profiles and property management
  • Use advanced guest profile- and player-tracking capabilities
  • Offer a professional, hassle-free, UI experience for guests by putting the guest in control for managing their stay from end to end via their own mobile devices
  • Gain valuable insights about your guests from a single stay to inform engagement strategies
  • Track guests’ lifetime value via guest histories to tailor experiences and craft upsell opportunities
  • Leverage mobility tools amongst hotel staff—Mobile Check In, Digital Registration, Mobile, Housekeeper to improve processes and communication
  • Reduce social contact for guests—paperless check in and check out, add-ons, room services, maintenance requests, and more
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Anticipate changes across properties

  • Easily manage revenue and yield with automated forecasts and recommendations across properties
  • Optimize on player tiers levels and maximize occupancy while protecting rates via automation
  • Gain strategic insights from focused analytics to make better decisions based on real data
  • Generate detailed demand forecasting information while on site or on the go
  • Implement strategies across multiple sales channels via cloud-based solutions and infrastructure

Optimize operational mobility

  • Automate tasks, workflows, and reminders
  • Eliminate missed steps and mistakes
  • Streamline time-consuming tasks
  • Access data securely, on-the-go
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Get a comprehensive view with Integrate systems

  • Make more informed decisions thanks to a comprehensive view of business data
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Access accurate and consistent information, 24/7
  • Empower teams with a user-friendly UI

Track activities, histories, and preferences to build rapport with top players

  • View player profiles from any location
  • Track activities in the casino and match them to rewards
  • Incentivize loyalty
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