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Here are some key challenges and goals that we help chemical industry customers manage and reach every day.

Complex supply chain management

Global and local supply/demand push-pull, asset combinations, and new product introductions can lead to suboptimal planning

Workforce productivity

Attracting, training, and allocating talent is a challenge due to a shrinking manufacturing workforce and safety and process conformance requirements of a chemical plant

Asset and operations throughput

Frequent downtime and unplanned shutdowns impact capacity utilization and profitability—and can often contribute to additional safety and compliance risks

R&D spend and speed to market

Lack of standard processes and insights into costs and regulatory data results in missed opportunities and higher costs

Improve supply/demand, scheduling and planning, inventory, and warehouse processes

  • Improve predictiveness with machine-learning enabled demand sensing
  • Create balanced plans with a constraint-based optimization engine
  • Optimize international shipping routes and increase visibility of inventory in transit
  • Perform finite-capacity planning that adheres to constrains and bottlenecks
  • Run “what-if” scenarios to optimize between time, volume, costs, and price
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Optimize asset productivity

  • Increase capacity utilization by improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Maintain high uptime for high profitability
  • Improve safety and regulatory compliance with prescriptive dashboards and planned shutdowns
  • Increase reliability with predictive maintenance via extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Jumpstart capital expenditure process and drive accuracy

Accelerate innovation and improve ROI on R&D spend

  • Improve return on R&D by automating and standardizing formulation and new product innovation processes
  • Enable quick innovation via data-driven formulation development
  • Check for ingredient allowance and compliance per requirements and targets
  • Improve project success by leveraging stage-gate process management capabilities
  • Conduct scenario comparisons for costs, margins, and performance
chemical industry software for businesses to improve effeciency in Uganda Kenya Rwanda East Africa

Increase employee productivity

  • Reduce time spent on finding the right talent and increase focus on employee engagement, training, and team dynamics
  • Tie output, quality of work, and certifications to performance and compensation
  • Find the right talent based on technical requirements and aptitude/personality parameters
  • Flag advanced certification and license requirements for EHS compliance
  • Improve employee allocation and management

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