Companies using SunSystems in Africa – The Mazule Case Study

In 2021, the South African-based mineral and energy trading company, Mazule, adopted Infor SunSystems to streamline their operations and serve their international customers better.

With many years of experience in the African minerals and energy sector, South Africa-based Mazule markets mined resources directly to a global client base. With a focus on enhanced quality control and reliable delivery at every step, the trading company relies upon real-time information and visibility to ensure customers receive the raw materials they need to fuel their industrial and energy operations efficiently.

mining software infor sunsystems

Against a backdrop of business growth, and increased complexity in the market, Mazule identified a need to replace the system it has used since its inception. Having reviewed the market, the trading specialist selected Infor SunSystems based on its ability to support multi-dimensional accounting and provide in-depth reporting insights across different product lines, as well as the ability to break down transactions by various analysis codes.

This partnership is yet another example of Infor SunSystem’s reliability and support for big, small, local, and international businesses.

If you are wondering how to expand your business and serve your stakeholders better, talk to us about SunSystems – the software used by over 72,000 businesses worldwide. Call us today at +254 202 305 051 (Kenya) or +256 414 665 846 (Uganda).

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