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Construction and engineering organizations ensure project profitability, overcome supply chain complexity, and more with our industry-specific construction management ERP software.

Here are some key challenges and goals that Infor helps construction and engineering customers manage and reach every day.

Productivity improvements

Dependence on manual processes leads to poor resource planning and stagnant productivity

Talent management

Older workers are retiring, while fewer young people are choosing the construction industry

Obsolete Complex value chain systems

Communication and collaboration challenges within the supply chain can adversely impact project delivery

Industry innovation

Legacy operational processes and a lack of modern technology impede innovation

Ensure every project is profitable

  • Leverage fully integrated contract and project management capabilities
  • Support numerous industry-specific terms of contract and billing
  • Utilize detailed planning capabilities via resource management
  • Performance management; cost and revenue forecasting
  • Maintain margins with built-in project-cost-ledger analytics
  • Better reporting tools with real-time information
  • A single source of truth – one integrated database for all business processes
construction engineering ERP software for profitability in Uganda Kenya Rwanda East Africa
construction engineering ERP software to overcome supply chain complexity in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Overcome supply chain complexity

  • Streamline bidding and budget prep with embedded estimation capabilities
  • Utilize advanced procurement processes to achieve maximum buying efficiencies
  • Leverage embedded contextual support (e.g., images, specs, health, and safety information)
  • Aggregate purchase orders across multiple projects
  • Ensure adherence to project deliverables

Ensure quality products and service

  • Ensure quality of received goods and product delivery to customers
  • Utilize automated QA assessments and proactive notifications
  • Confirm service maintenance requirements via embedded configuration management
  • Utilize predictive maintenance using IoT, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics
  • Support 6D and 7D BIM capabilities via IFC integration
construction engineering ERP software for support--design and quality control and services in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Support design-for-manufacture and offsite-construction

  • Plan and prepare production orders as part of overall project delivery
  • Use inventory control to maximize utilization of materials held in inventory
  • Ensure manufactured elements are constructed right the first time
  • Replicate elements of multiple projects
  • Leverage virtual construction and digital-twin capabilities

Ensure data security and regulatory compliance

  • Trust multi-tenant deployment via AWS GovCloud or on-premises
  • Utilize integrated compliance checking and access control
  • Leverage FedRAMP certification
  • Maintain NIST and CMMC compliance
  • Maintain regional legislative and industry compliance
areospace and defense construction engineering ERP software to ensure data security and compliance in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

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