Digitizing Health Care- human capital management in the Health sector

We’ve compiled some customer stories here so you can see for yourself what health organizations have to say about how Infor has helped them meet many of their day-to-day challenges so they can focus on delivering the best possible patient care.

Infor has numberone market share with 76% of the top 25 IDNs. That’s why we are committed to building, designing, and delivering science driven “people” solutions that offer the most flexible and broadest
apabilities. We also know that in your world efficiency can be the difference between life and death—which is why it’s at the heart of everything we do. From better outcomes to cost of labor, from talent management to interoperability, and from talent acquisition and retention to scheduling and credentialing, having the right person with the right data at the right time enables us to not just track events but predict and prevent issues before they become problematic. At Infor Healthcare, we see our responsibility as providing non-clinical solutions that enable you to provide world-class care.

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