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Equipment OEMs, dealers, rental specialists, and service organizations rely on Infor to help meet, and exceed, evolving customer expectations, equipment and parts availability, lifecycle utilization optimization, and any unforeseen challenges. Here are the industry-specific obstacles we help our customers overcome.


Rental equipment profitability is impacted by service and maintenance costs; limited spare parts inventory drives customers to competitors

Lifecycle profitability

Maintaining equipment and margins throughout the equipment lifecycle presents wide-ranging challenges

Meet customer expectations

Meeting customer demand for availability and reliability is increasingly dependent on using smart equipment, data capture, and analysis

Supply chain complexity

A lack of visibility across multi-echelon supply chains creates integration complications and makes it difficult to fulfill volatile demand patterns

optimize business processes for sales, rental, leasing, and service

  • Provide accurate and consistent spare parts price guidance
  • Manage complex equipment quotes and configurations
  • Maximize quotation profitability and agreement fulfillment
  • Manage cash flows with greater visibility
  • Asset tracking in real-time
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Maximize return on assets across the equipment lifecycle

  • Match the right equipment with customer needs
  • Gain complete visibility into your inventory network
  • Balance equipment utilization with service and maintenance needs
  • Analyze equipment fleet operational and financial performance in real time
  • Maximize uptime via connected equipment and superior service

Strive for service excellence

  • Consider every customer and service interaction as a unique opportunity to build a long-lasting and profitable relationship
  • Deliver field and shop service offerings that minimize equipment downtime
  • Focus on first-time-fix (FTF) repairs
  • Gain a holistic view of all customer-facing processes
  • Enable predictive maintenance with connected equipment and AI
  • Manage full-service contracts—from opportunity through delivery
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Optimize supply chain management

  • Reduce excessive spare parts, improve inventory deployment, and collaborate across the entire supply chain network
  • Manage complex logistics with diverse spare parts inventories
  • Reduce excess spare parts, additional warehousing, and special handling
  • Optimize demand forecasting and planning
  • Proficiently manage parts exchanges, cores, and warrantied parts
  • Achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility—from raw materials to aftermarket components

Manage and optimize equipment lifecycle

  • Achieve visibility into the entire equipment lifecycle
  • Provide equipment lifecycle value through full control of equipment accounting and profitability
  • Manage serialized parts and major refurbishment components
  • Drive lifecycle profitability with predictive AI and machine learning
  • Support used and salvaged parts and components
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