Everything to know about Infor SunSystems Purchase Management Systems in Kenya and Uganda

Today’s business operations are very complex but that is just the start. With Kenya, Uganda, and other regional countries driving toward a borderless single economy, every manufacturer, organization, and business in the region needs to invest in a proficient Purchase/Procurement management system.

Purchasing software systems run at the core of every business or organization. Services (like employment, and systems) as well as goods and raw materials make up the basic structure of a Purchase system.

Purchasing is an integral part of any business or organization. For example; a manufacturer has to purchase raw materials and services whereas a wholesaler as well as the retailer has to purchase the manufacturer’s products and sell them to the end user. A company has to hire employees, systems, as well as goods. In all these scenarios, purchasing is at the core of every sector.

Since Purchase is the most pivotal area of a company’s operations, it has a great effect on a company’s bottom line and will thus make or break the organization depending on how that particular organization executes its operations.

As we scramble to join the world in a global village made possible by technology, Kenya, Uganda, and other East African nations must invest in competitive and efficient Purchase Management Software Systems. Otherwise, we will be left out.

But what are the key features and objectives of a Purchase management system?

Timely supply of high-quality materials and equipment at the minimum possible cost: For manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses, a timely supply of quality items at the right time is vital to the company’s success. Here in Kenya and Uganda, where we operate, many businesses have failed because they could not satisfy demand due to delays in the delivery of materials or the poor quality of the materials. Our Purchase management software aims to obtain the supply of goods and services in a timely manner. Additionally, our Purchase management system reduces the cost of production by enabling our users to obtain items at the lowest possible cost while also maintaining quality.

Enable constant flow: Many businesses in Kenya and Uganda keep failing not because there isn’t enough demand for their products but because they fail to balance demand and supply. Manufacturers may lack a constant flow of raw materials and thus fail to satisfy demand or they may produce too many products beyond the demand and thus suffer losses. A proficient Purchase management software system helps keep productivity at an ideal rate. In retail and wholesale, a Purchase management system ensures good stock flow: helping retailers know what products need to be stocked and ensuring all products in demand are always available.

Proper Inventory Management: Poor purchase decisions can lead to the collapse of a business: the purchase of deadstock locks up cash in those items yet that cash would have otherwise purchased in-demand and profitable items. Moreover, deadstock is more costly: it consumes costly storage space and will be disposed of at low or no profit. An efficient Purchase management software system keeps inventory at a minimum and is matched by a brisk sales volume leading to efficient inventory management and thus profit.

Alternative sources of supply to promote business continuity: Relying on a single supplier is the easiest route to failure. Anything within or out of the control of that supplier can happen and you as the dependent would be doomed. To bring this home, we have all seen this scenario play out right before our eyes in regard to the current Russia – Ukraine war. Europe was completely dependent on Russia for gas and oil. When Europe placed trade restrictions on their single supplier, Russia retaliated by limiting gas supplies and overcharging them. Besides war, environmental calamities could make it impossible for a single supplier to deliver. A good purchase management system reduces risk by maintaining a balanced mix of suppliers from different places which prevents supplier monopoly and keeps prices competitive.

Achieve Close Coordination with Other Departments: Purchasing is an activity that impacts the functioning of many other departments in the company. So, purchase management aims to achieve seamless coordination with all the relevant departments and their personnel. This ensures the timely and smooth functioning of the company’s operations.

Fraud prevention through proper records and reporting: Corruption in government and private organizations is a parasite that is eating Africa into extinction. However, with an efficient Purchase management system, it can be cabbed. Impeccable and accurate record-keeping prevents lapses, mismanagement, and fraud in the purchase function. Accurate records, up-to-date, and easy to understand help management keep a close eye on the purchasing activities. Regular reports that are easy to understand should be a part of the purchase process.

How does a proficient Purchase Management Software System work?

If your business has operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and other East African regions, pay close attention because our award-winning purchase solution could be what you have been looking for.

In this video, you’ll watch a webinar on Purchase Management with Infor SunSystems. SunSystems is a leading business management system with various functionalities that you will appreciate. The video below is a recording of one of our monthly free webinars about the various business systems we provide in Kenya, Uganda, and other neighboring regions.

For more information, do not hesitate to call either our Kenyan or Ugandan office.

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