From citizen services and independent agencies to defense, intelligence, and healthcare, federal organizations need solutions to support their mission on the front lines

Here are some key challenges and goals we help government agencies meet

Maintaining visibility across agencies and departments

Integrated systems and automation for data visibility can better inform mission decisions

Changing workforce dynamics

Using the latest recruitment, training, and retention strategies help to ensure the best resources for the mission

Excellent services delivery

Service delivery can be transformed by leveraging mobile, process automation, analytics, and AI

Managing diverse assets

Capital planning requires real-time tracking, proactive performance management, and federal government asset support to truly be effective

Gain insight and IT modernization across the agency

  • Embedded dashboards and consolidated analytics
  • End-to-end platform supporting all BI use cases
  • Patented technology automates and accelerates time to insight
  • Configurable AI-enabled dashboards and user experience
  • Native cloud architecture offers fast time to value
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Behavioral science to attract, hire, train and retain diverse workforce

  • Streamlined hiring process and reduced time to hire
  • Data-driven HR insights to guide managers’ decisions
  • Develop new leaders through career mobility opportunities
  • GSA NewPay automates payroll, work schedule, and leave management
  • OPM-compliant HCM platform and federal HR systems

Managing complex assets and infrastructure

  • Optimize asset lifecycle and performance with IoT, AI, machine learning, and more
  • Streamline maintenance for government facilities, fleet, and equipment
  • Prioritize investments for funding recapitalization
  • Support across labs, embassies, SCIFs, warehouses, and more
  • Designed to support policies based on ISO 55000
  • Building information modeling (BIM) and CAD features
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Streamline & modernize services within and across agencies

  • Edge capabilities that replace/extend existing business applications
  • Ensure Evergreen systems through SaaS delivery
  • Rapid solution delivery to ensure ROI and decrease TCO
  • Non-proprietary, extensible, open standards interfaces
  • Integration capabilities with internal and third-party processes

Maintain compliance and proactive risk management

  • Scalable and secure cloud solution with FedRAMP authorization
  • Meets NIST, ITAR, FIPS, NERC, HIPAA, and other standards
  • C2S qualified implementation SaaS team with cleared credentials
  • Reduce risk and costs associated with disaster recovery
  • Embedded governance, risk, and compliance controls to mitigate SOD and fraud
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