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Financial analysis is a prerequisite for many decisions in the life of a company: bank loans, bond issues, credit rating assessment, corporate valuation within the context of selling a company or for wealth tax purpose, financing choice, level of dividend distribution, etc.

Financial analysis is a process in which we will ask ourselves a series of questions, searches and finds possible answers particularly in the company’s accounting records, in order to make progress in the understanding of this company and eventually be able to appropriately assess the capability of the firm to pay its debts in due course and to create value for its shareholders

Today’s economic climate calls for executives who can apply vigorous financial analysis as they evaluate business performance, weigh potential acquisitions, and assess global competition. Focused on competitive analysis, this program examines how to forecast capital utilization, value strategic assets, and review restructuring opportunities. You’ll emerge better prepared to make key financial decisions that help your company to outperform the competition.

Our goal of financial analysis is to diagnose the past in order to understand the present and try to predict the future. The main objective is to provide our clients with a clear, simple and effective methodology, enabling them to successfully complete financial analyses independently

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