Four qualities of a good remote work employee

It is no secret remote work has become a norm today. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that all along, we had been doing things the tedious way. Research has shown us that more than ever, it is cost-effective, more productive, and more employees are retainable when allowed to work remotely. That said, all the good things that come with remote work are possible when you have the right workforce. So how do you know the qualities of a good remote employee?

Before we delve into that, I’d like to share some of the advantages of having remote employees;

  1. Remote workers are more productive. Teleworkers are an average of 35-40% percent more productive than their office counterparts and have measured an output increase of at least 4.4%.
  2. They perform much better. With stronger autonomy via location independence, workers produce results with 40% fewer quality defects.
  3. They are more engaged. Higher productivity and performance combine to create stronger engagement, or in other words, 41% lower absenteeism
  4. 54% of employees say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility, which results in an average of 12% turnover reduction after a remote work agreement is offered.
  5. Organizations save an average of $11,000 per year per part-time telecommute, or 21% higher profitability.

That said, here are the four qualities to look for in a remote employee:

  1. Discipline: People who align well with this characteristic are comfortable leaving projects unfinished if priorities change, but may sometimes postpone beginning new projects. They prefer fewer distractions, but also do not lose focus when interruptions occur.
  2. Humility: People who align well with this characteristic have a humble disposition, but may be too open about self-perceived flaws. They tend to be sincere and may underestimate themselves at times.
  3. Consistency: People who align well with this characteristic tend to maintain composure at work, but may express more excitement than others. They tend to express feelings in certain situations.
  4. Pace: People who align well with this characteristic enjoy working with a sense of urgency, but can adjust this urgency to meet the needs of a situation.
  5. Need for recognition: People who align with this characteristic tend to be motivated by a personal feeling of accomplishment and are content with minimal praise. They may be demotivated by overly frequent rewards and recognition.

Based on data from the Infor study, the five characteristics listed above are the most strongly correlated with the success of a remote worker. When working remotely, individuals need to remain task-focused with a true sense of personal strengths and weaknesses. Being forthcoming and comfortable expressing thoughts and emotions also appears to be important in this type of work environment. Successful remote workers seem to have little reliance on external praise and are motivated by a sense of urgency on work tasks. The data indicates that all these behaviors stand to impact work performance in several ways and are helpful to cultivate in each team member.

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