How businesses in Kenya can maintain and optimize their SunSystems implementation over time

SunSystems is a very powerful accounting and financial management system. It is also fairly expensive to implement but the cost is just a drop in the ocean compared to the benefits.

We discussed the implementation stages and benefits of Sunsystems to businesses in Kenya and Uganda in our two previous posts: this and this. If you prefer watching videos, visit our YouTube channel as well. We have a lot of useful content for you there.

sunsystem fixed asset accounting module

Back to the topic of this post, we want to help you understand the best way to maintain and optimize your SunSystems implementation. As much as you may have implemented the cloud version of Sunsystems which is updated regularly, your business is unique and so are your business needs. That, therefore, means you need a partner who has extensive expertise in the system. With over 20 years of implementing financial business management systems for businesses and institutions in Kenya, Uganda, and East Africa, we have implemented and supported over 50 businesses to date. This, therefore, is a testament to our wide experience in implementing and optimizing Sunsystems to ensure our clients get the best Return On Investment (ROI). This is what we are discussing here.

Here are some steps that businesses in Kenya can take to maintain and optimize their SunSystems implementation over time;

1. Regular software updates: Keep SunSystems up-to-date by applying regular software updates, which can provide new features and functionalities, as well as security and performance improvements. For clients with the in-cloud implementation of Sunsystems, some of these updates may be automatic. However, such clients will still need to make the necessary custom configurations to take advantage of the updates.

2. User training: New updates means new features and functionality. As authorized Infor partners, it is upon us to provide ongoing training to users to ensure that they are using SunSystems effectively and efficiently. This can also help to keep users engaged with the system and ensure that they are fully utilizing its capabilities. System users are always changing in a work environment and the new ones may be strangers to the system. Sure! fellow employees could train them on how to use Sunsystems but from experience, we have learned that users never use SunSystems to its full potential. That means they will be passing on limited knowledge. The best option would be to have an experienced Sunsystems partner train these employees.

3. Performance monitoring: Regularly monitor the performance of SunSystems to identify areas for improvement, such as slow performance or user adoption issues. Address any performance issues promptly to ensure that SunSystems continues to perform optimally.

4. Data quality: Ensure that data entered into SunSystems is accurate and up-to-date, as this is critical for accurate reporting and decision-making. Regularly review and clean up data to ensure that it remains consistent and reliable.

5. Business process improvement: Regularly review business processes to identify opportunities for improvement, and make changes to SunSystems as needed. This can help to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve the overall user experience.

6. Continuous improvement: Implement a continuous improvement program to identify areas for improvement and make changes to the system as needed. This can help to ensure that SunSystems continues to meet the needs of the business over time.

By taking these steps, businesses in Kenya and Uganda can maintain and optimize their SunSystems implementation, ensuring that the system continues to provide value and support the business effectively over time.

how to maintain and optimize Sunsystems in Kenya and Uganda


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