How Infor CloudSuite distribution benefits business growth

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Digital transformation offers distribution organizations greater reach and richer innovation for better business practices, growth and success. However, staying ahead of digital transformation within the digital era is often a costly and complex process.

Yet by taking advantage of exceptional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, like Infor CloudSuite Distribution, organizations can confidently step into the digital era.

Currently, a vast majority of businesses do not have the support needed to make an effective digital transformation. Utilizing effective solutions can aid these businesses in establishing improved business systems, automations, workflows and processes.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution enhances organization-wide operational functioning by providing comprehensive, end-to-end functionality. The solution offers distribution organizations the ability to enhance their business capabilities for continued efficiency and optimal growth.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution provides businesses with the ability to embrace the digital era, using advanced, modern technology to strengthen existing processes.

How Infor CloudSuite distribution benefits business growth

  • With cloud-based functionalities, distributors are able to manage business processes easily and effectively on an integrated and real-time basis.
  • The solution is continually being enhanced, with improvements released every 30 days, empowering organizations to stay ahead in the digital era, offering advanced services, processes and procedures.
  • Decision-makers can access a live view of business-critical information at any time, from anywhere.
  • Predicted forecasts, based on real-time data, give users insight into business errors and potential opportunities, ensuring proactive action can be taken.
  • Robust capabilities are offered, ranging from order entry and pricing to supply chain management and global localizations.
  • The solution offers means for expanding omni-channels, increasing margins and the complete optimization of the workforce.
  • Existing processes can be enhanced and supported through increased efficiency and efficacy.
  • The modern user interface allows businesses to tailor their experience to suit organizational needs.
  • Personalization enables growth through a streamlined and tailored solution that speaks directly to the information each individual organization needs for targeted growth.
  • Business leaders are notified with alerts when something requires immediate attention, allowing for timeous and superior error correction and containment.
  • Distributors can integrate seamlessly with other Infor apps such as Document Manager and Enterprise Search, enhancing business capabilities and offering increased adaptability and ease of use.

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