Why you need the Infor CRM software for your business

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Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides a view of every customer touchpoint across an organization’s sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams.

Rich customer profiles and sales productivity tools can help users to identify opportunities to maximize the impact of each interaction and streamline sales activities. Drive accurate forecasting, informed decision making, and effective team and territory management with a robust selection of analytics, sales management tools, and proactive alerts.

Infor CRM includes sales, customer service, marketing analytics, and reporting; and integrates easily with Infor ERP solutions, Birst Networked BI, other products in Infor’s Customer Experience Suite, and more. It lets you manage the full customer lifecycle in one environment, capitalize on future sales opportunities, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Maximize customer interactions

With rich customer profiles created through internal and external sources, quick integration to business management, desktop productivity, e-marketing, and social media tools; and a sales intelligence application that puts customer data to work – you are just yards away from winning with Infor CRM.

Gain a complete view of customers

It has in there back-office integration with multiple ERP systems, enterprise-wide visibility in a single management and modeling environment, and a deeply integrated, unified platform for social, mobile, and cloud.

Boost sales team productivity

With Infor CRM, opportunities are easily identified and sales activities streamlined, proactive alerts come in swiftly to drive accurate forecasting, and a couple of sales management tools to effectively manage teams and territories.

Bring data to life

Infor CloudSuite CRM includes patented automation and machine learning technologies and a “networked BI” approach that connects teams and applications across the enterprise via a trusted network of analytics and insights. A comprehensive view of the business empowers smarter decisions in less time.

Contact us today to get this software for your business.

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