4 reasons to have Infor’s Healthcare ERP solution

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The COVID-19 outbreak has made it quite hard for all businesses, including the healthcare sector which many have their hope in in such a time. However, the advancement in technology and the situation brought by the pandemic has defined the path to be taken. It is obvious that having an ERP solution for your enterprise is something to consider for continued progress.

Infor seeks to help people and systems work better together in its healthcare mission. So, healthcare organizations can respond immediately to emerging needs, and transform for the future much easier. The company delivers an innovative suite of solutions designed specifically for healthcare, and used by more than 4,000 high performing, agile healthcare organizations globally.

So, you may ask, what are the reasons to have this Infor’s Healthcare ERP solution?

Improving clinician and staff experience

The healthcare ERP does improve well-being by ensuring the hiring of right people in the right roles. Eventually, this makes them feel safer doing their jobs. It also reduces turnover with the help of continuous engagement. 

You can as well use the solution to project extended nurse schedules, allow rotation schedules, and self-scheduling for employees. The ERP also reduces non-productive time spent doing paperwork and hunting for equipment, as well as improving accessibility via mobile employee self-service and embedded learning.

Streamlining care delivery

A good ERP should be able to reduce equipment downtime, protecting revenue, and improving the patient experience. It does this by leveraging data science and reporting mechanisms to optimize stock on hand while eliminating stock outs. It also improves the efficiency of turning rooms so patients spend more time in the appropriate care. Who does not need this?

To add to that, it efficiently solves complex interoperability challenges securely and at scale, while realizing better healthcare delivery, care coordination, and patient engagement. 

Creating a patient-focused approach

When you focus on your patient, it gives you a better rating and attracts even more customers. Infor’s healthcare ERP has a patient board that provides visibility for patients and their loved ones to their care. It enhances patient flow and care team communication, patient experience via acuity-based nursing assignments, and reduces the spread of infection by automatically tracing patient, staff, and equipment interactions.

It also reduces the cost of care to the provider leads to lower patient cost and premiums, while integrating and managing innovative APIs and information technology management for digital innovation in healthcare delivery, care coordination, and patient engagement.

Increasing operational efficiencies

You do not need to incur high costs when you can use an ERP to your advantage. The solution lowers costs and improves outcomes through a clinically integrated supply chain. It as well embeds costing and accounting software with capacity modeling for more insightful, timely decision making.

Also, it combines clinical and non-clinical enterprise-grade analytics while supporting the needs of diverse operations management common to healthcare. This is in addition to streamlining workflows and UX via process automation, digital assistants, and machine learning.

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