How Infor SunSystems is beneficial to Non-Profit Organizations

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Non-Profit organizations, or what we mostly know as Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have a lot to accomplish. In this, there is always a need to have software specifically designed to meet their needs, without incurring extra costs. 

This is because these organizations face multiple pressure, need full transparency in reports, and always deal with complex donors requirements that need fulfillment. That’s where Infor’s SunSystems software comes in. SunSystems is well-known in NGOs. Multinational NGOs such as World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, and local NGOs are also using it to handle their back-end accounting.

Let’s see the features and capabilities of the software for Non-Profit organizations.

Infor SunSystems supports unlimited Companies/ Business Units

Here, each Business Unit can have its own account codes which can be the same or different. The system can support either the same or different chart of accounts (COA) set and can be mapped to produce reports. Besides different charts of accounts (COA), SunSystems can also support different financial periods, different currencies, etc.

Advance Management

SunSystems supports NGOs ’ requirement to handle Advance & Petty Cash to staff. The system can record advance/ petty cash given to staff/ project/branch and support clearing and reconciliation at end of the period.

Budgeting System

SunSystems offers up to 10 versions of Budget in one business unit. Budget can be defined at the level of COA and/ or analysis codes and can be imported from Excel templates. The system offers reporting capability to analyze budget and compare the Budget against Actual performance (monthly, quarterly, yearly). The system has an option to give a warning message when the budget is exceeded or blocked from posting transactions.

Reporting Tools

SunSystems’ Reporting Tools integrated with Excel to provide real-time reporting and user-definable Excel formats. Users can define unlimited report formats based on management’s/ donor’s requirements. Reports can be drilled downs to analysis levels such as Donations by donors, expenses by project/ branch/ activities, etc., or drilled down into transactions such as invoices level. SunSystems report writing is easy and user intuitive. Triforce will provide a report writing training course.

To support document flows, SunSystems is able to import transactions via Excel. Transactions could be journals from other branches/departments or expenses from staff, etc. This helps automate and save users time from manual input into the system.

Bank reconciliation

SunSystems’s accounts payable can perform automatic and semi-automatic reconciliation based on multiple criteria defined. When the criteria, e.g. transaction date, amount, etc. are met, the system performs auto-matching. A reconciliation report can be produced for checking.

Audit Trail and Access Tracking

SunSystems offers audit trails and tracking of access to the system. The audit trail can be defined by functionality and reports can be run at any time required. 

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