Introduction to SunSystems in Kenya and Uganda: What it is and why it matters

As the world becomes an interconnected global village, it is increasingly becoming more challenging for businesses in Kenya, Uganda, and anywhere else in the world to thrive without technology. High demand for business technology also means there is a swarm of business software systems flooding the market every single day and that can only mean one thing; businesses have a bigger challenge of choosing the right technology to operate their business efficiently.

Some business management systems claim to do so much but cannot deliver. Others are frauds that may end up stealing and misusing clients’ business data. Others are too complicated to be used by end users while others promise to do so much that they end up doing nothing. You, therefore, need to put a lot of effort into choosing the most appropriate software: which is why we are introducing to you Infor SunSystems.

What SunSystems is and what it does

SunSystems is a business management software created by Infor: A multinational company headquartered in New York that provides industry-specific, enterprise software. Infor can be used locally on-premises or on-cloud as a service. Infor boasts over 58 million users and 90,000 corporate customers in over 200 countries.

Sunsystems is an innovative accounting ERP software used by millions of users in almost every single country. It works by giving users a unified ledger, multi-currency, multi-company, and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities. Some of the countries using Infor Sunsystems are the biggest and most successful worldwide.

How do you get Infor Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, and East Africa?

Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, and the rest of East Africa is licensed and distributed by Flaxem Systems Ltd. Flaxem is a Gold Channel partner with Infor and is authorized to distribute, train, and deploy Infor sunsystems as well as other Infor products in the East and Sub-Saharan region. With offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Kampala, Uganda, we have been able to distribute Infor products to over 30 companies and hundreds of users. Some of our current clientele consists of local, multinational, and government agencies. Sunsystems can be deployed locally on-premises, on the cloud, or both. This depends entirely on the company’s needs.

Infor Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, East Africa

Benefits of using SunSystems for businesses in Kenya and Uganda

Sunsystems has propelled a number of businesses in Kenya and Uganda to greater success. With over 20 years in the financial systems business, Flaxem has helped a number of businesses and government institutions realize the benefits of using Sunsystems over the competition. Below, we highlight some of those benefits to Kenyan and Ugandan businesses;

  • Access to your business in real-time
    Sunsystems allows users to get access to their financial and accounting data across all borders, devices, and currencies in real-time. That means you can monitor and control your business operations from anywhere in the world using any device.
  • Sunsystems offers a unified ledger with role-based reporting
    Sunsystem offers automated data entry and real-time localized reporting with embedded analysis tools which helps improve decision-making with proactive alerts
  • Sunsystems is highly configurable
    This makes it easy to share operational data across departments with access to role-based data flows as well as compliance with multiple, changing regulatory environments.
  • Flexibility
    Because Sunsystems is a very configurable, robust single solution available in multiple languages and currencies, it is easy for Kenyan, Ugandan, or international businesses to easily expand operations to other countries and run smoothly.
  • Intuitive user interface
    Infor Sunsystems is a very powerful system that has so much potential and capability. However, despite the common belief that powerful and robust systems are complex, sunsystem’s interface makes it easy for (even) novice users to operate easily.

Challenges that businesses in Kenya and Uganda face and how SunSystems can help to overcome them

  • Disparate accounting systems: Many businesses in Kenya and Uganda rely on legacy systems that cannot fulfill today’s business needs. Such systems make it hard for these businesses to make use of their data and systems in guiding them in decision-making and business analysis.
  • Inefficient paper-based processes across branches or regions: As much as the world has embraced digitization, many Kenyan, Uganda, and African companies in general still rely on paper-based document management processes. They rely on manual processes, which are costly, inaccurate, and cannot automate tasks. This means many Kenyan and Ugandan businesses and institutions are not able to leverage online communication and mobile access to their businesses.
  • Need to improve data management and reporting time: Many businesses have various branches within or across borders but rely on legacy systems that cannot transcend borders, languages, and currencies. This limits their ability to have real-time reporting with reliable data across all their business locations.
  • Inconsistency across the territory: Today’s businesses can only thrive if they are able to share information with business partners regardless of their location. Since Sunsystems is robust and cloud-based, it makes access to critical business data and analytical tools easy no matter where stakeholders may be.
  • High cost: There is no doubt a modern and innovative financial management system like sunsystems is costly. However, procuring one like Sunsystems would save a company so much money in the long run. By enabling businesses to comply with local and international regulatory requirements, giving decision-makers insight for decisive action with immediate access to integrated financial and operational information, and much more, businesses are able to save much more than the cost of acquiring Sunsystems.

Case studies or examples of companies that have successfully implemented SunSystems in Kenya and Uganda

There are many companies using Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, Africa, and worldwide. There are over 9000+ companies using Sunsystems worldwide. However, we’ll just mention a few to keep this article short.


Created in 1994, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa is a regional economic community in Africa with twenty-one member states stretching from Tunisia to Eswatini. We helped deploy Sunsystems and continually trained COMESA users progressively. Sunsystems has helped COMESA serve its stakeholders efficiently and save on its operational costs.

2. Inter-University Council of East Africa

The Inter-University Council for East Africa is an institution of the East African Community, which is a regional intergovernmental organization of the republics of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and South Sudan. When IUCEA needed to digitize its operations and serve its stakeholders better, it contacted Flaxem, Infor’s Golden partner in East and Sub-Saharan Africa, and we deployed Sunsystems.

3. Mazule

To efficiently serve their international clientele, South African-based mineral company, Mazule acquired Sunsystems three years ago. With a focus on enhanced quality control and reliable delivery at every step, the trading company relies upon real-time information and visibility to ensure customers receive the raw materials they need to fuel their industrial and energy operations efficiently.

4. ActionAid

ActionAid is an international charity for women and girls living in poverty and is active in 46 countries. As part of a five-year strategy launched in 2017, ActionAid commenced a digital transformation program designed to drive best practices across its financials, increase transparency to its stakeholders, and maximize efficiency.

5. Mermaid Group

Founded in 1983, Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited offers turnkey solutions in subsea and services for oil and gas majors operating offshore in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Given the complex nature of the offshore oil and gas industry, the company required modern technology and IT solutions including a public cloud, to meet an evolving need for high flexibility and to maintain business continuity and growth.



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