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To survive and expand in today’s competitive market, organizations need to have the ability to flexibly adjust their logistics work-flow process, operations as well as information flow with detailed logistics regulations and rules. However, most are faced with the following challenges;

Constantly shifting market demands

Evolving consumer expectations increase complexity and stress supply chains.

Supply chain disruptions

A resilient supply chain is essential when dealing with the unexpected.

Omni-channel complexity

Fulfilling all possible channels requires sophisticated processes and systems.

Talent shortage

Processes for recruiting and retaining staff must cater to a digital workforce

Meet customers' needs

  • Offer value-added services, such as PO and origin consolidation management
  • Create a globally visible, end-to-end control layer
  • Enable a network that connects the entire supply chain ecosystem
  • Use intelligence-driven insight to create tighter and more reliable ETAs
  • Control the pace and precision of innovation for customer-tailored solutions
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Better Inventory Management

  • Leverage supply chain visualization and collaboration to increase efficiencies
  • Create proactive/prescriptive processes from IoT and AI
  • Create greater value for customers via collaboration and orchestration capabilities
  • Become more agile and ready to overcome supply chain disruptions
  • Leverage data driven-insights to discover new business opportunities

Gain insight and improve decision-making

  • Achieve complete visibility of all global, ocean container moves
  • Gain insight from management dashboards and analytics
  • Create a core carrier management program driven by carrier scorecards and analyses
  • Achieve accurate and timely events statuses, milestones, and visibility
  • Improve procurement and contract management efficiencies

Manage inventory for multiple customers in the same warehouse

  • Enable flexible allocation strategies
  • Use 3D visualizations to see workflows, bottlenecks, and risks
  • Improve order accuracy and shipping efficiency
  • Reduced travel time for operators by 10–20% using interleaving
  • Enable voice capabilities for better control, convenience, and efficiency

Apply a data-driven model to improve talent management

  • Trust multi-tenant deployment via AWS GovCloud or on-premises
  • Utilize integrated compliance checking and access control
  • Leverage FedRAMP certification
  • Maintain NIST and CMMC compliance
  • Maintain regional legislative and industry compliance
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