Manage your company expenses with Infor business software

Infor Expense Management offers unique and insightful capabilities for spending control, reporting, and analysis. You can actively manage employee-initiated expenses while on the go, thanks to mobile capabilities and cloud deployment, and reduce those costs without impeding your business.

Whether your organization has one location, or it’s a complex, multinational operation, you can automate expense-related business processes with social collaboration tools, enforce policy compliance, cut administrative costs, and reduce the risk of accidental errors and intentional fraud.

What can you do with Infor Expense management?

Streamline the reporting process: Employee-initiated expenses can represent the second-largest corporate expense outside of payroll. To help increase employee participation—and help organizations collect more complete, timely, and accurate expense information—Infor Expense Management features a modern and beautiful user-experience design that streamlines all phases of the expense reporting process. As a result, you’ll be able to improve the way you track, analyze, and control employee-initiated expenditures to realize important opportunities for cost savings.

Act quickly on alerts: Infor Expense Management incorporates alerts and automatic analysis capabilities to help nip policy violations in the bud and uncover hidden opportunities for savings. The system alerts employees to violations as they enter data, allowing them to provide explanations or make corrections before submitting plans or expenses. It also alerts reviewers and obtains necessary approvals.

How Infor Expense Management provides the ultimate flexibility

You can dramatically reduce the hassle, time, and cost of creating, approving, and processing expense reports by replacing paper-based tasks with the automated Infor Expense Management Expense Reports. Your users get an interface reminiscent of today’s mobile banking apps, which makes it easy for them to scan and upload receipts and other expense-related documents via mobile device or desktop system. This gives them speed, convenience, and choice anytime, anywhere.

With Infor Expense Management Travel Plans, you’ll be able to automate the entire travel experience—from pre-trip planning to post-trip reimbursement. Minimizing travel costs, enforcing travel policies, and eliminating unnecessary travel means continually implementing new processes—checks and balances that help influence travel policy compliance. By taking control of these processes, you can reduce the stress and hassle of making travel plans.

Infor Expense Management Payment Requests automates the slow and often cumbersome employee-initiated process of requesting vendor payments. You can track non-PO purchases centrally, make more timely payments, and realize considerable cost savings by reducing the workload placed on your accounts payable personnel. Even better, you can accelerate the approval process with a workflow that allows managers to review requests, resolve any purchasing violations, and approve those requests in minutes. That way you can keep your vendors happy by paying them faster. 

Accurately recording employee time is vital for timely customer billing and effective project management. Yet, what should be a simple function is typically manual, time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to manage. Infor Expense Management Timesheets delivers powerful time-tracking capabilities, so you can avoid manual, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks. You can reduce the hassle, time, and cost of entering and processing employee time and attendance. Best of all, Infor Expense Management Timesheets uses innovative workflow business rules, so it works alongside your company’s business policies.

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