What characteristics should a modern ERP system possess?

When it comes to business technology, does being super-competent with smartphones and social media mean you will make a natural user of ERP and does the current look and feel of most ERP systems match the expectations of a millennial workforce?

Here are characteristics that a modern ERP system should possess.

Access anywhere

Modern cloud-based ERP is accessed via an internet connection which means digital natives will love cloud-native software. These days we all need to work away from the office a lot of the time, so access anywhere is vital. Anyone still using on-premise systems will look like they are from another planet.

User-friendly interface

It should be well designed and easy to navigate. The personalized dashboards, with a choice of colours and day to night modes, are just the charm we need from modern ERPs.

Simple to set up

An out-of-the-box ERP is a great choice. Anything that takes many months to set up does a test on user patience. Look out for even quicker to implement, fast to value modular systems. These are the future and will allow for a world of almost continuous adaptation. There is no need to wait.

Ease of Use

A certain amount of native tech-savvy will go a long way along with the “growth mindset” that is taught in schools. After that, with a business system like ERP, some training is going to be required. We all like the self-service approach and vendor companies that supply that do well.

Collaboration Tools

We’ve all been through the pandemic and those who coped best were comfortable working from anywhere, using their favourite collaboration tools. Whether it’s coffee shops and Slack or Teams from your bedroom, everyone from primary school kids to the chief executive knows how to do it now. An ERP which allows you to work together, across departments, avoiding siloed information is a winner.

Real-time Reporting

Most of us would laugh at the idea that you once had to wait overnight for reports. The fact that the latest data is always available in real-time will be a base level expectation for many people today.

The same goes for reporting and analytics. There is now an expectation that you will be able to drill down into the detail via smart interfaces. Predictive technology still has the wow factor for some clever analytics!

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