NCD Group selects Infor as its partner to digitalize business processes

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Infor today announced that one of Mongolia’s leading construction companies, Nomin Construction and Development Group (NCD), has selected Infor as its partner in its efforts to digitalize business processes using ERP solution Infor LN. The deployment will be carried out by Infor partner Vertexmon LLC.

NCD’s business boasts a 25-year history and covers a scope that runs the industry gamut, including construction, design, landscaping, nursery, metal works factory operation, furniture factory operation and steel works operation.
Projects NCD has worked on include high-end apartments, housing, commercial areas, playgrounds and other outdoor and indoor spaces. The group currently employs a team of 260 architects, engineers and technical staff.
Streamlining Diversified Operations with the Help of Infor.

Amidst rapid business expansion and development in Mongolia over the past few years, NCD’s previous ERP solutions were unable to meet their growing demands and did not understand the company’s increasingly complex business processes. NCD required more powerful solutions that would enable it to collect real-time project data, enhance visibility and better manage projects.

NCD recognized that Infor’s industry-specific purpose-built solutions, including Infor LN, Infor ION, Infor Birst, and Infor Factory Track, could meet their needs by:
• Establishing a unified platform bringing together business operations from finance to project management and manufacturing
• Enhancing visibility of business processes and project expenditure
• Making real-time project and business information accessible to speed up decision making

Why Infor?

NCD selected Infor as its strategic partner in its digital business goals because of Infor’s rich industry experience and flexible solutions that would enable the company to realize its vision now, while scaling up to meet its growing needs into the future.

NCD will be rolling out four Infor solutions including Infor LN, Infor ION, Infor Birst and Infor Factory Track. With these solutions, NCD hopes to achieve more precise project management with better planning capabilities, budgeting, more accurate estimation of material quantities, and the ability to make changes in real-time with visibility across all departments.

Infor also provides NCD the ability to control procurement and warehouse management, as well as distribution to construction sites with Infor Factory Track, streamlining supply chain operations.

Furthermore, the Infor solution will allow NCD to have better remote work experience during the pandemic, as the platform will help enhance efficiency and support during current work-from-home scenarios.

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