New ways of working you should adopt today – The new normal of working

In the new light of the post-pandemic, people have embarked on working like they are preparing for the next pandemic to hit. If anything else, we might have learned one or two things from this pandemic.

It’s no longer up to us to do as we wish and when we want but we have a driving force making us do certain things a certain way. It’s as if eyes have been opened for the impossibilities and everyone or company out there is trying to match up to the standards set to cope up with the evolving working world.

If the world before was moving at the pace of a snail, now we are walking on two legs. We might not be running yet but we are actually moving fast enough. Talk about the full blast of technology in all sectors.

People are becoming highly equipped with skills that are needed and more collaborations are emerging from the remote working systems and innovations are springing up all around.

People are starting new projects and their main emphasis is on preventing any other unforeseen circumstance stopping them from attaining that goal. Generally, it has become a remote working world. The technological transformations are here to stay.

The future is already looking brighter from the working point of view. To be an employee, one will probably need to have the right skills and attributes needed for the modern adaptive professional now that technology is taking up the other part.


There is an interesting phrase I came across as I was reading an article, the writer termed the situation we are in as a fascinating junction in the history of work’. It probably looks that way.

Whether you are an employer or employee, you’ve got to adapt to the flexible way of working. Hours shouldn’t be fixed and neither should the place.

Work has become more of activity just the way it is supposed to be. It is no longer a place or the time taken to accomplish that task. But simply an activity to be done, anywhere and at any time.

Conference meetings, document transfers, sharing ideas, or knowing about the developments in your company no longer require your physical presence.

The more reason as to why you don’t have to be traveling at those congested hours simply to reach that workplace so that you can work.

Result-oriented working

Managers are responsible to check on employee performance. To ensure that they are doing their work right at the right time. At the same time, this takes away the freedom of the workers as they have to be coerced to work yet as adults they are supposed to know what to do.

All the employer ever needs from the employee is the results of their work. With the current technology, assessment should depend on the results compared to when the time was used as a means of assessment.

This acts as a form of encouragement as these employees get to strike a work-life balance hence are more productive since they’ll only work when fully focused.

Employees get to practice their freedom during work hours. Spend enough time with their family members, be happier and more content with their lives. This prevents labor turnover in the long run since they are satisfied with their working life.

Just as I said prior to all of this, we have a driving force that is pointing in one direction. Therefore, industries and organizations that are not adapting to the new changes are most likely to lag behind and lose out to their competitors who are bravely embracing these changes.

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