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With Infor, we help oil and gas companies reduce operational risks, improve investment strategies, maximize asset lifecycles, meet sustainability goals, and optimize the workforce.

Here are some key challenges and goals that we help our oil and gas customers manage and reach every day.

Challenges of long-range planning

Lack of a data management strategy and integrated systems negatively affect investment strategies

Effective workforce management

Inadequate employee training and disconnected operations lead to higher risk

Comprehensive asset management

Incomplete asset management strategies lead to increased safety risks, compliance issues, and poor lifecycle management

Sustainable operations

“Green” operations, public transparency, and environmental innovation are difficult to deliver with antiquated systems

Ensure adherence to industry standards

  • Manage and implement asset risk and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure proper personnel training through certifications and assessment
  • Enable planning and desired safety outcomes with predictive analytics
  • Adhere to clean water, clean air, and sustainability regulations
  • Automate monitoring with AI and machine learning technologies
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Increase operational reliability and reduce interruptions

  • Automate workflows with AI to eliminate inefficiencies in operations
  • Unify business systems to facilitate decision support
  • Incorporate safety into all operations
  • Track all supply chain transactions with integration to commerce networks
  • Increase productivity and employee adoption via mobile enablement

Maximize asset management

  • Improve system reliability and reduce downtime
  • Base planning on condition assessments, failure analysis, and risk profiles
  • Embrace complete support for Management of Change
  • Automate prescriptive maintenance and intelligent planning via analytics and IoT
  • Reduce environmental risk through policies, training, and asset management

reduce the risk of a negative environmental impact

  • Mitigate incidents with a detailed asset strategy and optimization plans
  • Document and enforce detailed and vetted response plans
  • Drive decisions with embedded analytics and flexible planning tools

Apply a data-driven model to improve hiring and workforce development

  • Use role-based dashboards for access to relevant, timely data
  • Attract, hire, train, and retain a diverse workforce
  • Maximize resource allocation and scheduling
  • Assign and track safety and risk compliance training
  • Enhance recruitment and employee development
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