World's leading retailers rely on our partner software to bring agility to their supply chains, labor, and inventory

As a retailer, your organization can gain speed, efficiency, and accuracy in its business operations. Through automation and integration of our ERP, increase your organization’s productivity while reducing time and labor costs. Here are other variables we help our clients address.

Shrinking time from concept to consumer

Full price selling periods are shrinking; product development and assortment creation must be faster

Talent management

Constantly changing market conditions require an adaptable, always learning workforce.

Fulfillment complexity

Next-day delivery and curbside pick-up require specialized types of labor and positioning inventory closer to the customer

Margin compression

Design assortments and collections must maintain lifecycle margin despite price/promotion pressure and increasing costs to serve.

Cut weeks out of the product design and assortment building process

  • Collaborative product design
  • Curate collections guided by margin targets
  • Go to market shopping lists
  • Hyper localization of the assortment
  • Attribute level demand prediction
retail business ERP software for support--design and quality control and services in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa
retail business ERP software for retailer business in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Risk mitigation and cost management on a single platform

  • Plan omni-channel demand and supply
  • Reduce capital tied up in sourcing
  • Improve control and tracking of suppliers
  • Proactive supply orchestration for compliance
  • Diversify sourcing with sustainable suppliers

Solve fulfillment and resource management complexities

  • Gain omni-channel supply chain visibility for today’s customer journeys
  • Move inventory to maximize lifecycle margin
  • Autonomous, interconnected network for visibility and collaboration
  • Position inventory for all customer journeys
  • Manage distribution center activities holistically
  • Embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis
retail business ERP software for to manage supply chain complexities in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Exceed profit objectives

  • Machine learning uncovers what drives demand
  • Location- and segment-tailored assortments
  • Automated improvements to allocation and replenishment
  • Real-time visibility and transactional updates
  • Save up to 25% by moving corporate operations to the cloud

Ensure the workforce can meet demand

  • Automate key labor management processes
  • Best coverage around seasonal needs
  • Analyze workforce data continuously
  • Comply with complex workforce regulations
  • Hire talent for behaviors and skills
retail business ERP software to manage human resource workforce in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

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