Software to help government agencies and partners worldwide provide efficient services that constituents demand

We help state and local agencies modernize with government software applications to deliver full transparency, keep up with strict regulations, and provide efficient services that constituents demand.

Here are some key challenges and goals that our software helps states, local government, and their partners manage and reach every day.

Visibility across agencies and departments

Obselete systems limit the visibility of data and inhibit informed decisions.

Delivering effective online access to services

State and local governments still struggle to empower citizens and businesses in online channels

Managing critical assets

Limited proactive maintenance occurring on fleets, facilities, and critical infrastructure.

Effective management of the workforce

Skilled workers retiring are being replaced by workers with different needs and expectations

Unify systems

  • Intelligent decisions with cross-application, embedded analytics
  • Global Ledger dimensionality for dynamic insight and enterprise reporting
  • Support for virtual and remote teams with mobility and vendor portals
  • Accountability of funds with integrated projects and grants accounting using municipal finance software
  • Streamlined procurement through strategic sourcing
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government Human resource software for businesses, government agencies, local government, public sector, NGOs to improve quality and profit in Uganda Kenya Rwanda East Africa

Power workforce productivity and government HR systems

  • Enable data-driven hiring and workforce development
  • Refined hiring process to entice qualified prospects and reduce time to hire
  • Dashboards to guide management’s hiring and talent development decisions
  • Behavioral DNA® methodology to attract, hire, train and retain a diverse workforce
  • Automated workforce scheduling, time and attendance reporting, and absence management

Manage complex assets and infrastructure

  • Preventative maintenance plans for fleets, assets, and facilities
  • Prioritization of asset and capital investments for funding modernization projects
  • Mobile capabilities to increase productivity and employee adoption
  • IoT, AI, ML and other modern technologies to automate monitoring
Human resource and asset software flaxem busines management software for managing Human resource and asets in East Africa Uganda Kenya Rwanda
construction engineering ERP software for support--design and quality control and services in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Streamline licensing & permitting

  • End-to-end process management and automation using municipal permitting software
  • Online processing of citizen and business applications
  • Combined geographic information systems (GIS), land management and services requests
  • Improved partnership with business constituents to drive economic development
  • Eliminate department data silos and streamline community development

Maintain compliance and security

  • Rely on the broadest set of FedRAMP-authorized solutions
  • Multi-tenant cloud solutions with high availability, data security, and elasticity
  • Reduction of risks and costs related to disaster recovery, continuous monitoring, and mitigation
  • Meets NIST, ITAR, FIPS and other mandatory regulations
  • Embedded governance, risk, and compliance controls mitigate segregation of duties (SOD) and identify fraudulent activities
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