Supply chain businesses need to leverage collaboration and coordination to be successful

With more than 80% of supply chain processes and data existing outside a typical manufacturing enterprise, successful organizations can no longer act as stand-alone entities. Moving forward, an organization must seek technology that allows it to function as an agile business network that can respond more effectively to dynamic situations, global uncertainty, and black swan events that could disrupt the supply chain at any moment.

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An efficient and flexible supply chain requires extensive collaboration and coordination. One of the first steps in designing a supply chain technology strategy should be to consider how your organization works with and creates value for suppliers and customers alike. Extensibility via API integrations, real-time access, and standard-based information exchange is essential for keeping supply chain information flowing properly as your business needs and relationships evolve.

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The software that you choose for a supply chain platform and portfolio should natively integrate with your trading partners. As needs grow, it’s likely that you’ll benefit from a network platform that manages the flow of goods as hand-offs occur between suppliers and logistics providers.

Network visibility capabilities can provide a complete view to address issues and predict schedules—enabling predictive ETA and the ability to make adjustments.

Trading partners who aren’t directly responsible for the handling of goods should also be able to participate in your network to aid with essential needs such as financial management, documentation, and compliance verification. When your business partners are able to communicate effectively with your supply chain it helps streamline both the physical and financial aspects of the entire process.

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