The best Food and Beverage software systems for Kenya, Uganda, and East African manufacturing businesses

Food and beverage industries in Kenya and Uganda are springing up every day. However, serving the food industry is a risky and complicated task. You, therefore, need systems that can efficiently support you throughout that manufacturing lifecycle and even beyond.

If you are looking for a viable solution for your food and beverage manufacturing business in Kenya or Uganda, there are important features you should look out for.

As the world population continues to grow, the food and beverage industry continues to grow in Kenya, Uganda, and the rest of the world. But this growth also comes with greater restrictions and policies manufacturers have to adhere to.

Flaxem has served Food and Beverage manufacturers in Kenya, Uganda, and East Africa for over 20 years. We are gold partners with the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software creator, Infor. Infor supports over 58 million users, and 90,000 corporate customers in over 200 countries and has been ranked a world leader in ERP software.

Flaxem’s simplified ERP solutions have food and beverage industry functionality built-in for operational excellence, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning, and asset management. We make it easier for you to improve food safety, minimize waste, provide greater supply chain transparency, and realize greater profit margins.

food and beverage manufacturing software in Kenya, Uganda, Africa

What features make our Food and Beverage manufacturing software the best for Kenya, Uganda, and East African businesses

Every manufacturing business walks by stringent regulations and policies. It, therefore, means a food and beverage solution must demonstrate features that promote innovation, safety, and sustainability in food manufacturing.

There are various food and beverage software systems that tout themselves as being ideal but as a manufacturer, it is important to consider these important features a proficient Foods systems should have;

  • A good Food and Beverage system/software should automate food safety processes and perform regular testing to ensure products adhere to regulatory quality standards
  • Meet legal and customer requirements with system-directed quality checks and tests
  • A proficient Food and Beverage system/software should quickly identify the root causes of food safety issues and perform accurate, targeted recalls
  • A viable Food and Beverage system/software should capture supply chain and manufacturing data from upstream and downstream processes and aid Food manufacturers in making informed decisions.
  • Implement automated corrective actions across the system and product life cycle
  • Calculate, simulate, and optimize nutritional values, allergens, and cost of formulations
  • Ensure regulatory and customer requirements are met throughout the product development cycle
  • Generate compliant product labels and ingredient specifications with built-in regulatory content
  • Implement transparency that provides consumers with details from farm to fork
  • Focus on product development ideas with the highest potential
  • Improve effectiveness with a stage-gate product development process
  • Drive decisions for reducing waste and minimizing food safety risks using IoT sensor readings
  • Avoid downtime and food safety risks with predictive maintenance and embedded quality processes
  • Optimize yield of livestock, milk, and crops based on cut, grading, and processing options
  • Since AI is aiding manufacturing, an efficient Food and Beverage system/software is expected to automate and improve productivity with embedded AI
  • Be at the leading edge of Industry 4.0 innovations
  • Leverage advanced statistical forecasting and demand sensing using machine learning
  • Incorporate promotional and new product history for better decisions
  • Balance stock-build, inventory holding costs, production capacity, overtime costs, and shelf-life
  • Optimize yield of livestock, milk and crops based on cut, grading and processing options
  • Minimize change overs, cleaning-in-place, and contamination risks with a synchronized and sequenced production schedule considering production line, labor, tank, and silo capacities
  • Get insight into sales volumes and margins per sales channel, product, and package size
  • Use external data sources, like point-of-sale information, to drive targeted product introductions and rationalizations
  • Handle complex price, discount, and rebate agreements automatically and see the impact on profitability immediately
  • Grab a bigger market share and become less vulnerable for demand changes by connecting new trading partners, marketplaces, and e-commerce to the digital platform
  • Integrate acquisitions quickly and expand internationally thanks to world-class multi-company, multi-site, and multi-country capabilities

Where to get the best Food and Beverage system/software in Kenya and Uganda

A proficient and reliable Food and Beverage system/software will make the difference between successful and failing manufacturers in Kenya, Uganda, and East Africa. Today’s businesses are completely reliant on software systems for decision-making, forecasting/ planning as well as general operations of their processes. These systems are also expensive to purchase, implement, and maintain which essentially means that choosing the wrong system can bring down a rather flourishing business.

The question, therefore, is; How can Kenya and Ugandan manufacturing businesses choose the best Food and Beverage software/system?

For starters, doing enough research should be the starting point. As much as there is nothing like “enough” research, you should spend plenty of time interacting with your options until you find the one that ticks all the boxes of your business needs.

If you are in the market for an efficient Food manufacturing system/software solution, you can start with us here at Flaxem. Our manufacturing solutions have been tried and tested by over 60,000 businesses in over 200 countries worldwide.


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