The best software for manufacturing business in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda

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What is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is defined as creating new products, either from raw materials or components, using tools, human labor, machinery, and chemical processing. It involves creating products rather than providing services. Examples of manufacturing include creating clothes from cotton, automotive industries, bakeries, etc.

Manufacturing is a huge business that requires a big investment and proper management to make a good return on investment. Since this is a digital economy, investing in the right digital systems will make or break your business.

What is the future of manufacturing like?

As technology advances, manufacturers are looking at more cost-effective ways of running their businesses. This means that automation, data tracking, and analytics are to play a major role going forward. Nanotechnology is changing electronics production while lighter materials like aluminum and carbon fiber have changed the automotive industry. Elsewhere, pharmaceuticals are being revolutionized by bio-engineering and 3D printing allows for the creation of bespoke specialized components for industries like aerospace and medical. As robots become more sophisticated many manufacturing processes are being automated. All these revolutionary changes are enabled by huge amounts of data.

This data is used to aid the entire manufacturing industry: right from production to decision making at every level (production to consumer). This, therefore, means that manufacturers need proficient and robust software systems at the core of everything they are doing.

So what’s the best manufacturing software?

Cloud ERP for industrial manufacturing and SyteLine are end-to-end ERP solutions for both discrete and process manufacturers, and is powered by more than 30 years of experience supporting small- to medium-size manufacturers. The solution provides predictive analytics, collaboration, lean production tools, and integration options. CloudSuite Industrial is a mixed-mode application for engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, highly repetitive, process, and service-based manufacturers.

Key features;

  • Automate processes for bidding, contracting, execution, and revenue recognition
  • Innovate faster and more efficiently
  • Manage production planning and scheduling
  • Coordinate aftermarket service and maintenance
  • Optimize production scheduling
  • Improve product quality
  • Leverage the highly flexible, scalable architecture to be more agile and synchronized with fast-changing customer expectations

How our manufacturing software helps our customers

  • Support multiple manufacturing models: engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, and repetitive
  • Enable shop floor automation
  • Increase workforce management effectiveness
  • Optimize equipment lifecycles with industry-leading enterprise asset management capabilities
  • Ensure reliable products with sophisticated quality management
  • Leverage product lifecycle management (PLM) with embedded regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis
  • Facilitate customer communication with configure, price, quote capabilities
  • Enable project control with work breakdown structures, scheduling, costing, detailed project pegging, and analytics
  • Improve communication and delivery via embedded customer relationship management (CRM) and order management
  • Increase revenue through new business models, such as embedded service and maintenance repair operations
  • Offer aftermarket capabilities, such as embedded configuration management, depot repair, field service, and resource planning
  • Provide warranty management to help improve customer relationships and increase revenue
  • Enable IoT integration for improved product delivery and innovation
  • Take advantage of a worldwide commerce network (upstream and downstream)
  • Optimize sales and operations planning
  • Leverage supply chain planning and optimization
  • Utilize multisite, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Integrate inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment
  • Leverage deep, industry functionality on a scalable and secure cloud platform with configurable extensions and personalization, instead of customization
  • Experience new levels of flexibility, agility, and availability with Infor’s multi-tenant deployment in the AWS® cloud
  • Integrate IoT, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics capabilities
  • Enable social collaboration, homepages based on roles, and KPIs that are specific to your industry and user roles

Do you have inquiries about our manufacturing solutions, we are glad to answer them. Kindly call us or visit our Kenyan or Ugandan offices.

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