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It is commonplace to find many companies bogging down HR with things that employees could have resolved themselves. This creates a ripple effect that starts by making HR less productive and ends up affecting progress and productivity down the line. So what is the best way to empower HR and get the best productivity out of everyone?

Empower users and free up Human Resource

Your workforce needs accurate, timely information to ensure they’re working towards organizational goals. Yet administrative details can slow progress, disengaging new hires and preventing HR from keeping up with requests. As a result, productivity suffers all around. Get more done with fewer resources with Infor® HR Service Delivery. By leveraging this advanced, multi-tier service platform, employees can resolve more than 70% of routine transactions and inquiries without HR intervention. With an empowered workforce, HR can focus on higher-value projects.

Optimize HR processes and reduce costs

Infor HR Service Delivery offers three applications to help you optimize processes and reduce costs: Infor Knowledgebase, Case Management, and Total Rewards. By leveraging these applications, you can transform HR into a strategic partner and fully engage all of your employees, all while lowering annual HR service delivery costs by an average of 20% to 50%.

Knowledgebase/HR shared services

When you combine your HR portal, Infor Knowledgebase, and Infor Case Management, your HR service delivery platform becomes a shared enterprise. To help support a multi-tier approach to HR service delivery, you can:

  • Enable employees to answer their own HR questions 80 to 90% of the time, without HR intervention.
  • Provide HR service representatives with easy online access to consistent answers to HR inquiries, often on the first call.
  • Allow your service center to handle more call volume with fewer HR representatives

Case Management

Infor Case Management helps your HR service representatives manage employee inquiries when employees cannot find the answers to their questions on their own. Complex employee and manager HR inquiries are also initiated through the HR Call Center and then move to HR subject matter experts. Case Management helps you:

  • Support a multi-tier approach to HR service delivery.
  • Handle a high number of calls with fewer HR reps.
  • Reserve expert HR resources for critical issues and strategic planning.
  • Resolve up to 28% of employee and line manager HR inquiries.

Total Rewards

Infor Total Rewards is an on-demand tool that helps employees understand the contents and true value of their total compensation (total rewards) package. It can help you:

  • Attract and retain talent by helping employees understand and leverage their total compensation and rewards.
  • Promote awareness and appreciation of total compensation year-round.
  • Increase 401(k), EAP, wellness, and ESPP participation.
  • Achieve measurable reductions in turnover.
  • Introduce medical benefits cost sharing with greater ease.

Create a secure environment for routine transactions

Infor HR Service Delivery is a confidential, secure environment for employees, managers, and HR professionals to
obtain information on sensitive personal and corporate information and policies. With HR Service Delivery,
employees can feel more at ease when dealing with sensitive issues or conditions associated with employee
assistance programs.

Customers using Infor HR Service Delivery have already:

  • Reduced the cost of providing services for employees by 20 to 50%.
  • Provided a portal where employees and managers can get their own answers to HR questions 80 to 90% of the time.
  • Created call centers where the fewest number of HR customer service representatives can manage more complicated calls, with record-breaking first-call resolution rates
  • Freed HR to provide more value at the business unit level.
  • Helped employees understand and leverage their total compensation

Create better HR experiences

Infor HR Service Delivery enables you to give every member of your workforce their own HR assistant that is available 24/7. Employees get the personalized, accurate information they need to create and update their own HR records, keep up to date on company policies, and fully understand their total compensation.

Call us today to inquire about Infor HR Service Delivery and other HCM options.

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