4 in 5 of the largest transit agencies worldwide trust our partners (infor and Sage) to stay ahead

Here are some key challenges and goals that we help transporters meet every day.

Keep riders and workers safe

Maintaining safety and compliance are complex and time-consuming

Optimize fuel consumption and energy usage

Inappropriate fuel and energy consumption can be inefficient, cost-prohibitive, and dangerous.

Leverage data for increased visibility and decision-making

Getting data to and from the field is challenging with legacy technologies

Modernize IT platforms

Transit agencies typically operate using clunky and outdated business systems

Improve safety and compliance

  • Mitigate the risk of poor operations
  • Incorporate process-based, best-practice compliance
  • Predict potential points of failure in vehicles, equipment, and other assets
  • Support a complete audit trail to ensure adherence to established processes
  • Enable sophisticated reporting to validate compliance
construction engineering ERP software for profitability in Uganda Kenya Rwanda East Africa
construction engineering ERP software to overcome supply chain complexity in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Increase sustainability and lower costs

  • Identify under-performing assets through continuous commissioning
  • Improve emission sustainability tracking and reporting
  • Track energy supply and consumption in real time
  • Streamline fuel management from multiple depots and distribution points

Gain operational efficiencies via mobility technologies

  • Capture data as the work is performed
  • Reduce equipment downtime from data-entry errors
  • Enable near real-time visibility for managers and decision-makers
  • Utilize common tools such as phones, tablets, laptops, and kiosks
transportation business ERP software for equipment maintenance and supply chain in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Prioritize capital budgets

  • Perform failure analysis based on prior learning
  • Define, create, and manage risk elements for all assets
  • Use assessments to create condition configuration, gathering, and processes
  • Leverage IoT, BI, and machine learning to drive new capital-plan creation
  • Support compliance and regulation standards, such as ISO and State of Good Repair

Improve insights and reporting

  • Trust multi-tenant deployment via AWS GovCloud or on-premises
  • Utilize integrated compliance checking and access control
  • Leverage FedRAMP certification
  • Maintain NIST and CMMC compliance
  • Maintain regional legislative and industry compliance

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