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Utilities organizations need to ensure their assets and infrastructure are safe and reliable while meeting customer expectations with a modern customer experience, reliable service, and a cloud-based industry-specific ERP solution for utilities.

Here are some key challenges and goals that we help Utilities customers manage and reach every day.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory and safety compliance requirements are increasing across infrastructure, fleets, and facilities

Meet customer needs

Customers expect innovation, transparency, and environmentally friendly utilities

Reliability and resiliency

Customers demand reliable and quality service, without interruption, and at affordable rates

Modern platforms with security

Data centers and network architectures must meet strict requirements

Manage finance, billing, human capital, equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets

  • Designed for todays’ users
    Fully integrate supply management
  • Reduce costs with integrated analytics
  • Increase policy compliance
utility software for businesses, government agencies, public sector, NGOs, national water, UMEME, Yaka to improve quality and profit in Uganda Kenya Rwanda East Africa
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Manage complex assets and infrastructure

  • Enable reliability and safety compliance
  • Leverage predictive asset analysis to improve performance and longevity
  • Provide asset investment decision-support and prioritization
  • Develop risk assessment and mitigation planning for critical assets
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance for NERC and CIP

Provide reliability without interruption and to meet modern customer demands

  • Use AI to identify inefficiencies and automate workflows
  • Consolidate business systems to facilitate holistic financial planning
  • Connect to a commerce network to track supply chain transactions
  • Connect teams and applications across the enterprise
implementation of infor Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, East Africa

Enrich the customer experience and modernize the billing process

  • Plan and prepare production orders as part of overall project delivery
  • Use inventory control to maximize utilization of materials held in inventory
  • Ensure manufactured elements are constructed right the first time
  • Replicate elements of multiple projects
  • Leverage virtual construction and digital-twin capabilities

Keep talent engaged and motivated with modern, talent management, robust self-service system

  • Access timely data through role-based dashboards
  • Maximize resource allocation and scheduling
  • Provide mobile access for field service and outage management
  • Develop employees through personalized plans, behavioral insights, and performance management
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