What is SunSystems used for?

As a gold partner of Infor in East Africa, we have talked to many people who were looking for the best business software system in Kenya or Uganda and they came across us.

Infor Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, East Africa

Many say they came to our website through their browsers as they searched for Sunsystems in Kenya or Sun Systems in Uganda but they still lacked a detailed understanding of what Sunsystems is used for.

First off, we are delighted to let you know that our company, Flaxem has been developing, distributing, and supporting businesses in the Sub-Saharan and Central African region for over 20 years with financial and business software systems. That basically means we have been tried and tested and have amassed a wide experience in the area of business software solutions over the years.

It also means you can rely on our wide experience and expertise to learn what Sun Systems is used for and why many Kenyan and Ugandan businesses have chosen it over other products in the market.

But what is Sun Systems?

Sun Systems is a financial management system created by Infor, a world-leading creator of ERP software based in New York, that provides transparency into every single part of a business. The company creates industry-specific management software for small, medium, and large cooperations.

Sun Systems is used by millions of users across over 60,000 organizations in 200+ countries. Since it is a financial management system at the core, it is used by all industries including; Distribution industries, Manufacturing industries,  Service industries, and any industry in between.

So what is Sun Systems for?

As mentioned above, Sun Systems is a financial management system. Every organization or business has a Financial department which means that every industry needs an efficient and innovative financial management system. Whether your organization is a small start-up or a multi-national multi-billion dollar conglomerate, you can deploy Sun Systems and rest assured of visibility into all the moving parts of your business operations.

The huge usage of Sun Systems in Kenya, Uganda, and the rest of the world goes to show how proficient governments, and businesses appreciate it.

Features that make Subsystems the best financial management system in Kenya and Uganda

Susystems’ capabilities go beyond just financial management. In fact, some of the companies we support here in Kenya and Uganda use it to manage almost the entire business lifecycle. What features make Sun Systems the best business and financial management software system for businesses in Kenya, Uganda, and over 200 other countries?

  • Automated data entry capability
  • Access real-time reporting with embedded analysis tools
  • Leverage localized reporting
  • Drill back to source transactions
  • Improve decision-making with proactive alerts
  • Manage compliance with multiple, changing regulatory environments
  • Support complex restructures and two-tier enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategies
  • Expand internationally and get up and running quickly
  • Leverage a robust single solution available in multiple languages and currencies and address multiple reporting regimes
  • Access unified ledgers and comply with multiple regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Experience a modern, intuitive user interface and business collaboration tools
  • Move your teams to an agile, secured, highly flexible, and proven cloud environment
  • Take advantage of paperless document management
  • Leverage online communication and mobile access
  • Eliminate manual processes, reduce costs, automate tasks, and improve accuracy with embedded BI and innovative tools

If you need further information about Sunsystems, or if you are wondering if it’s the right fit for your organization, do not hesitate to get in touch with either our Kenyan or Uganda office.

Infor SunSystems in Kenya, Uganda, East Africa Sunsystems in Kenya, Uganda, Africa


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What is SunSystems used for?

As a gold partner of Infor in East Africa, we have talked to many people who were looking for the

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