Where to find SunSystems (Sun Systems) in Kenya

Infor SunSystems, the world’s leading business and accounting software is used by over 90,000 businesses in over 190 countries. The question is, however, where can one get SunSystems in Kenya? and why should Kenyan businesses be concerned about SunSystems?

SunSystems delivers all aspects of accounting management, including nominal ledger, payables, and receivable ledgers, cashbook, multi-currency, and multi-dimensional analysis from one single source.

Although SunSystems (sun systems) has outstanding capabilities and advantages, African businesses have been known to lag behind in technology adaptation. Many Kenyan businesses and government institutions are still using traditional financial management systems that often lock them into rules, structures, and business models that can’t evolve to meet changing needs. However, SunSystems has the agility to work the way you want, empowering you to meet change with confidence and easily manage business growth.

Some functionalities of Infor SunSystems

The question now is, where do you get SunSystems (Sun Systems) in Kenya?

Lucky for Kenyan business and government institutions, a Kenyan native fintech company, Flaxem, is the Gold partner of Infor– the creators of SunSystems and tens of other ERP solutions.

Infor SunSystems (Sun Systems) is an efficient business and accounting software that helps businesses get a 360-view of their business and help in decision-making.

In this video, we show you how to check for Infor (or Sun Systems) certified partners in Kenya from the Infor website. That way, you’ll be sure you are working with the right company.

To see how your business will benefit from SunSystems, check these articles out.

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