Where to find SunSystems (Sun Systems) in Uganda

The world’s leading financial management system, SunSystems is used by over 90,000 businesses in over 190 countries. This shows that SunSystems is truly the leading financial solution for both local and international cooperations.

Some functionalities of Infor SunSystems

However, where do you get Sun Systems in Uganda?

The answer is simple and straightforward: Flaxem System Enterprises. Flaxem is a Gold Channel partner with Infor- the creators of SunSystems. Infor is an international financial systems developer that creates software for the world’s leading cooperations and government agencies.

Flaxem is a financial consulting company based in Kenya with offices in Uganda as well. Flaxem has been in business for over 20 years but we have worked with SunSystems for 14 years now. We have a clientele base of over 80 customers whom we have implemented Infor SunSystems, designed reports, offered licenses for SunSystems, and System technical support among other services.

Some key features of SunSystems

  • SunSystems supports four currency dimensions for each transaction: transaction currency (variable), base currency (fixed per business unit), reporting currency (fixed per business unit), and fourth currency (variable).
  • Whether you deploy in the cloud or on-premises, SunSystems includes all the functionality needed to effectively manage international growth—enabling organizations to launch into new markets quickly and efficiently.
  • Multicompany support is standard for most business accounting systems, but SunSystems takes this further with support for configurations of each business as separate locales within one deployment.
  • SunSystems’ tax calculation capability is simple, but flexible, addressing most tax requirements within core product. For some more complex calculations, SunSystems can integrate with common taxation platforms and provide automated maintenance of rules and rates.
  • SunSystems allows you to define additional data to be captured and stored on all source transactions, as well as refine what data is required for different accounts or types of transactions.
  • Organizations can have various charts of accounts structures for different entities. This supports the requirement of some countries to code financial data to a statutory chart of accounts structure.

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SunSystems (Sun Systems) in Uganda

Our Ugandan office is located in Kampala, Plot No. 3900, Kisaasi – Kyanja Road Opposite Satellite
Contact: +256 414 665 846.

The Kenyan office is at Mombasa Road, NextGen Mall, 3rd Floor Unit 4.
Call us on: +254 20 2305051 or +254 722 956 048

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