The right software created for Wholesale distributors

Small and large scale distributors around the world rely on Infor solutions to help meet evolving customer expectations, streamline operational processes, and improve decision-making

Create a seamless customer experience

Customers demand transparency, speed, and accuracy across all sales channels

Gain genuine insights from big data

Turning data into actionable business intelligence is essential for a competitive edge

Develop and deliver innovative services

A competitive landscape drives differentiation through novel solutions and capabilities

Overcome supply chain complexities

Tight margins require streamlining operations and improving productivity across the entire supply chain

Offer customers a seamless customer experience across all sales channels

  • Customer self-service portal
  • Mobile counter and showroom order-entry
  • Simplified order processing on any device
  • Role-based dashboards with proactive notifications
wholesale distribution ERP software to for quality products and services in Uganda Kenya Rwanda Africa

Expand services to create additional value

  • Kitting and assembly through full manufacturing capabilities
  • Guided visualization tools to configure personalized products
  • Predictive maintenance and mobile field service
  • Rental capabilities from quotation through return and invoicing
  • Manage complex jobs and projects to ensure on-time delivery

Achieve operational excellence across the supply chain, while protecting margins

  • Mobile warehouse automation with labor management
  • Rules-based, order-fulfillment engine to optimize service levels
  • Inventory management with advanced statistical forecasting and stock recommendations
  • Supplier- and customer-rebate management
  • Enterprise-wide business processes
wholesale distribution ERP software for workforce productivity in Uganda Kenya Rwanda East Africa

Optimize workforce productivity

  • Superior user experience with personalized homepages
  • Mobile enablement, business collaboration, and workflow management
  • Role-based business intelligence and dashboards
  • Self-directed and instructor-led courses for all roles and levels

Gain insight and improve decision-making with data

  • AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics
  • Natural-language processing
  • Intelligent automation
  • Voice-based user experience
  • Embedded business intelligence

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