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Capture, manage, deliver—with Infor Document Management

Finding and organizing documents shouldn’t slow you down. Synchronize content with Infor Document Management and put the right documents at the fingertips of your entire workforce.

This central repository allows you to add and edit documents from any source; convert text from paper documents—whether machine- or hand-printed—into digital formats; and create business processes around your documentation. By aligning your content within your core ERP system, you can bring context to the information your people use—without the need to integrate or customize a third-party solution.

Unique capabilities

Infor Document Management’s complex tooling, in conjunction with the Infor OS platform, is designed to provide extensibility and business process integration across the entire product suite. While comparable solutions tend to have limited flexibility, the solution allows you to access critical business information with optimal:

Using soft links based on document metadata, the solution provides tight integration with your ERP system, allowing users to view documents in the context of the application they are using or retrieve it from the central repository at a mere click.

Providing versioning and check-out/check-in capabilities, the application’s repository ensures that your employees are always working with the latest and most accurate documentation—up-to-date, prepared for audit compliance, and available to be worked on by multiple users in common workflows and conversations.

Input, retrieve, edit, create, and share your documents securely and easily from a searchable database. Whether you add documents manually or within automated capture processes, the system creates metadata to associate them with related ERP objects and applications.

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